Featured Research

TensorFlow: an ML platform for solving impactful and challenging problems, TensorFlow Development Summit, 2018
Phone-Powered AI Spots Sick Plants With Remarkable Accuracy, Wired Science, 2017.
Community Spotlight — Nuru, a mobile app by PlantVillage to detect crop disease in Africa, Heartbeat – Machine Learning at the Edge.

Collecting and testing data with IITA in Chambezi, Tanzania.


Ramcharan, A. How do fertilizers help with food security? Sustainable, Secure Food Blog. 01.22.2018.
Ramcharan, A. Protecting cassava from disease? There’s an app for that. The Conversation US 01.2018, and Scientific American

Peer Reviewed Publications

Ramcharan, A., Baranowski, K., McCloskey, P., Ahamed, B., Legg, J. and Hughes, D., 2017. Transfer Learning for Image-Based Cassava Disease Detection. Frontiers in Plant Science, 8, p.1852.

Testing the new Cassava AI app in Tanzania.

Ramcharan, A., Hengl, T., Nauman, T., Brungard, C., Waltman, S., Wills, S. and Thompson, J., 2017. Soil Property and Class Maps of the Conterminous US at 100 meter Spatial Resolution based on a Compilation of National Soil Point Observations and Machine Learning. arXiv preprint arXiv:1705.08323.
ISRIC Spring School 2016, Wageningen, Netherlands

ISRIC Spring School 2016, Wageningen, Netherlands

Ramcharan, A., Hengl, T., Beaudette, D. and Wills, S., 2017. A Soil Bulk Density Pedotransfer Function Based on Machine Learning: A Case Study with the NCSS Soil Characterization Database. Soil Science Society of America Journal.
Helping NRCS soil survey in Alaska

Helping NRCS soil survey in Alaska

Ramcharan, A.M. and Richard, T.L., 2017. Carbon and nitrogen environmental trade-offs of winter rye cellulosic biomass in the Chesapeake Watershed. Agricultural Systems, 156, pp.85-94.
Haas FM, Ramcharan AM, Dryer FL (2011) Relative Reactivities of the Isomeric Butanols and Ethanol in an Ignition Quality Tester. Energy and Fuels, 25(9) 3909-3916.

Education and Training

PhD, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Minor Computational Science, Penn State (May 2017)
Associate Professional Soil Scientist, Soil Science Society of America (2015)
BSE, Mechanical Engineering, Certificate Sustainable Energy, Princeton University (2011)
In a Ruptic Histoturbel

Ruptic Histoturbel!

Teaching Experience

AGRO 597B Models in agricultural and natural systems, Penn State, Fall 2015 
BE 497 Biomass energy systems, Penn State, Fall 2015
ASM 425 Physical principles of agricultural processes, Penn State, Fall 2013
HI ED 546 College teaching, Penn State, Summer 2015
Measuring soil carbon stock in the permafrost

Measuring soil carbon stocks in the permafrost

Awards and Honors

Honor Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Alpha Epsilon (Omicron Chapter)
Graham Fellowship, Penn State, 2012-2014
ASA-CSAA-SSSA Graduate leadership conference, November 2014
Association for International Agriculture and Rural Development Future Leaders Forum, June 2013
ISRIC Spatial prediction competition in R, 2nd place.

ISRIC Spatial prediction competition in R, 2nd place.


President, Agricultural and biological engineering graduate student council, 2014
Vice-President, Agricultural and biological engineering graduate student council, 2013
Trip Leader, Penn State adventure recreation program, 2014-present
Resident College Advisor, Rockefeller College, Princeton University, 2010